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Border Realities

We invite you to participate in our Interdisciplinary Online Lecture Series

Border Realities

Transformation of the border and new conceptual challenges


For the past two decades, a resurgence of borders has been observed. On the one hand, this is shown by the remarkable increase in border controls, border walls and fortified border installations. On the other hand, however, it shows above all the progressive proliferation or multiplication of borders: they penetrate far into the spectrum of society, they manifest themselves very differently and figure spatially fragmented. This transformation of the border is no longer tangible with the familiar concept of the line, but is reflected in interconnected materialities, localizations, temporalities, corporealities, discourses, and multiple efficacies. These new forms of the border are not only challenging for political actors; also border scholars who engage with the changing border realities are confronted with new conceptual challenges.



13/10/2022 | 4.00pm – Gerhild Perl (University of Trier) Historical legacies and ‘new’ border realities - registration


26/10/2022 | 4.00pm – Jarosław Jańczak (Adam Mickiewicz University/European University Viadrina) Geopolitics of the European Union: Transformation of EU’s External Borders in the Context of Changing Global Order - registration


16/11/2022 | 4.00pm – Łukasz Moll (University of Wrocław) Ukraine at the Borderlands of European Universalism - registration


30/11/2022 | 4.00pm – Anett Schmitz (University of Trier) Soziale Grenz(ziehungs)praktiken und lokale Alltagsperspektiven auf Grenzen: Bordertexturen auf Lesbos - registration


07/12/2022 | 4.00pm – Nina Sahraoui (GTM-CRESPPA, CNRS, Paris) Externalized within, bordering processes in Ceuta and Melilla - registration

12/12/2022 | 4.00pm – Dorte Jagetic Andersen (University of Southern Denmark) Transitions and people’s resilience in European borderlands - registration


The online lecture series is open to the public and is aimed at researchers, students, and the interested public.

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